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I AM Datura


mystical, magical and mysterious

you see me at the side of the road, alone - dirt, gravel and trash all around me.  you are intrigued… yet frightened.

you want to touch my soft green leaves and smell my beautiful round white moon flower.  then you see the curled points on the edges of my petals and you see my seed pod covered in spikes - and you remember what you once heard...

"stay away from datura, she is poisonous and dangerous"...

so you slowly back away - although something inside you wants to stay.



The Plant Medicine Wheel was created using the tradition of the Medicine Wheel to guide and assist in healing.

Included are four vibrational Plant Spirit Essences created from the four stages of the Datura plant - Seed, Root, Leaf and Flower - paired up with the four Elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air - in each direction - East, South, West and North.  Each Plant stage and corresponding Element work in unison. The workbook will help you navigate through the Wheel using the Essences.

Native people have used the Datura plant for ceremony and healing for centuries, and it is considered one of the sacred visionary plants.  Through the vibration and magical gifts, you are connected with the ancient knowledge and wisdom
of Datura, a powerful Master Plant Teacher.  Using the Essences can assist you to recognize and connect to the sentient nature beings as allies that can support you as you cycle through life.

Datura is known to be highly toxic, but Plant Spirit Essences are a vibrational remedy so they do not contain any medicinal constituents.  They can be safely taken with no possibility of side effects, giving you the opportunity to work closely with this powerful Master Plant Teacher.

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