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Edward Bach was a medical doctor in 1912.  He noticed that people experienced different responses to the same disease and did not understand why they should receive the same medication and treatment.  He came to the realization that it would be more effective to

“treat the person and not the disease”.  He started working with plants and Divine Source on an intuitive level to create a “healer” for many emotional states that lead to disease and poor health.  By 1919 he had created the Bach Flower Remedies, which are Plant Spirit Essences.


Plant Spirit Essences are a vibrational remedy.  Each plant has its own high frequency electrical pattern imprinted by Divine Source.  

We also have these electrical patterns within our bodies.  When our electrical system functions smoothly, we experience health, serenity

and a connection to our Source.  When faced with challenges the system overloads, short circuits or shuts down.  We are cut off from the electrical life force energy needed to maintain health and balance.


The exact spot in our bodies where the electrical flow has been disrupted is the place where illness collects.  Plant Spirit Essences travel

to that location.  Plants do not experience the lower vibrations associated with dis-ease.  Their high vibrational wisdom is directly connected

to Divine Source and not affected by the heaviness we experience.


Since this higher vibration is what we came into the world with, our bodies and souls remember, and reacquaint themselves with it.  

Plant Spirit Essences trigger a remembrance and assist us in removing the lower vibrations from our energy field.  They offer a different

way to vibrate.  They work to open and balance our electrical system by bringing in their own light and healing energy.  This then clears

the way for healing to begin and for our own Divine Energy to continue flowing.  Plant Spirit Essences will assist you to reconnect with

your higher self, help you to expand, grow and remind you of the Divine Being you are.




Pushing my way through the tall geranium plants, collecting ladybugs and centipedes, my bedroom over flowing with house plants.  These are some of my earliest memories.


Years later I began my studies of Herbal Medicine. I made my own tinctures and salves, and experienced the healing ability of plants.  During my practice in the Shamanic Tradition,  I was called to work with Datura. Always reading and learning, I discovered a book on Plant Spirit Medicine.  As I read the pages, my heart began to sing.   Could plants have their own Spirit?  If I looked at my spiritual belief that ALL things were created by God - then, yes, they could have a Spirit.  Could I commune with them?  Could I hear their language?  In my favorite childhood movie, Doctor Doolittle was able to communicate with the animals.  I wanted to be able to do that - but with plants.  


I started getting messages from Datura by sitting quietly with her in Sacred Space.  Pad and pen in hand… I started writing.  I was given information that led to the creation of the Plant Medicine Wheel™.  I believe it was freely given to me from the Great Mystery.   It is to assist people to remember where we come from, and how to work in unison with the Plant Spirit world to promote mutual healing and well being.  I now share this with you.   I thank all the beings in the universe for allowing me to be the vessel of this knowing  ~ ALEJANDRA

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